MT143 Multifunction calibrator

MT143P Multifunction calibrator is cost saving solution for calibration of meters of electric quantities up to 1000 V and 20 A. It offers basic accuracy 0.01 % in DC voltage needed for calibration of 31⁄2 and 41⁄2 digit multimeters. Resistance function is covered by eight fix resistors in range from 10Ω to 100 MΩ. The calibrator offers TC temperature sensor simulation. It can be delivered optionally as well with RTD temperature sensor simulator.
The calibrator main application field are production lines of panel meters, multimeters, transducers, measuring amplifiers, thermometers and calibration laboratories where the calibrator can be applied as source of standard value for calibrations, verifications and adjustments of units under test. Interface RS-232 and optionally GPIB interface bus enable automated operation in remote mode offering time saving automatic calibrations. Model M143P is fully compatible with calibration SW package CALIBER /WinQbase.
 DC / AC voltage up to 1000 V
 DC / AC current up to 20 A (1000 A with 140–50 Current Coil)
 Sinusoidal & Non-sinusoidal waveforms
 Fixed standard resistors from 10 Ω to 100 MΩ
 TC / RTD temperature sensor simulation with cold junction compensation
 GPIB & RS232 interface
 Dimensions: 500(W) x 200(H) mm