Motorized Multiuse HELP6S20 Workstation

  The HELP6S20 multifunctional laboratory/theory table reduces the need for cabinets and storage shelves. Saves time by avoiding unnecessary transfers of equipment. The need for space is reduced when the laboratory space can also be used as a theory class. The table has an integrated large device space that can be moved up/down, which enables, for example, the use of PC, monitors, training kits. The equipment space can be equipped with lighting, network connections, electrical outlets and shelves. The storage space can be controlled to open/close either manually from the table or with the teacher’s mobile device. Applications e.g. IT, telecommunications, control mechatronics, civil engineering laboratories. The workstation is also well suited as a lockable workstation for the teacher. Together with TLMC laboratory control software, HELP6S20 workstations convert the laboratory into a multifunctional room.
  Centralized software control available

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  • Training laboratory management software
  • Instrument control software
  • Available for computers, tablets and smart phones


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