CALABTRK Process instrument kit for calibration

The process instrument kit includes different type of sensors and transmitters for temperature and pressure calibration.
Process instrument kit is applicable e.g. for following training areas

 Calibration of process instruments such as
 Pressure transmitters, switches and gauges
 Temperature transmitters, thermocouples, RTDs
 Pressure and temperature calibration
 Documenting and management of calibrations
 Background material about calibration
 How to calibrate
 Process instruments
 Instrumentation
 Traceability etc.
 Hands on training exercises
 Connections between transmitters and calibrators
 Calibrating, tuning, testing, tuning with HART (pressure and temperature)
 Pressure transmitter:
 HART® type: 0-10 bar, 4-20 mA. Including pressure connector to MC6 hose set
 Temperature transmitter with Pt100 sensor
 HART® type: 0-800 °C, 4-20 mA, PT100 (385)
 Pt100 (385) sensor, 6 mm
 Temperature transmitter
 Pressure switch
 Pressure switch, adjustable switch set point 3-7 bar gauge. Including pressure connector to MC6 hose set
 Thermocouple
 K-element, 3 mm, including K-element connector
 Case