Unique multipurpose laboratory concept

A modern TEKLAB teaching enviroment enables theory and practice lessons in one room. This is achieved by multipurpose workstations equipped either with motorized instrument panels or manually operated sliding covers.

All workstations can be connected to Local Area Network (LAN/WLAN) giving the possobility to control whole laboratory from teacher’s PC or mobile device.


TEKLAB HELP3 workstation is based on a unique multipurpose construction, which enables theory lessons and practical training in one room. Thanks to the compact size, laboratories can also be built into normal classrooms with limited space.

Help3 workstations are an excellent solution for basic electrical engineering laboratories, physics laboratories as well as for teaching the basics of electrical systems to ICT and car technicians and engineers.

Multipurpose workstation concept

HELP3 workstations have modular build-in electrical instruments which can be selected according to customer needs. These instruments can be hidden under sliding table top, which enables transforming the laboratory workstation into a normal theory table. The cover can also be locked offering a safe place for storing the equipment.

HELP3 workstation: practice mode
HELP3 workstation: theory mode

Safe and practical laboratory

All TEKLAB workstations are equipped with electrical protection systems for safe working.

As instruments and computer connections are integrated into the workstation, the workspace is practical to use.

Practical design is also aesthetic.

Typical delivery content:

  • HELP3 workstations

  • Integrated instruments

  • Integration place for trainign kits

  • Racks and connections for computers

  • Technical furniture (cabinets, drawers, chairs)

  • Designing

  • Installation and training


HELP6 motorised multipurpose workstations offer great flexibility for technical laboratories: motorised panels can be driven up and down to transform a theory classroom into a technical laboratory – and vice versa. Considerable savings are achieved thanks to the possibility to modify classrooms for different purposes.

Training areas

HELP6 motorised workstations are the right choice e.g. for electronics and telecommunication training laboratories. Together with TLC laboratory control software, HELP6 workstations convert the laboratory into a multifunctional room.

Integrated construction

HELP6 workstation is equipped with a modular instrument panel for electrical instruments such as power supplies and measuring equipment. Integration releases more space on tabletop providing an ergonomic workplace.

HELP6 workstation includes also an integrated storage space. This storage space is suitable for storing training sets, learning materials and accessories. When the panels are driven down and locked, the equipment is practically stored in a safe place.

The multipurpose concept brings savings in both space and time because all laboratory equipment and components are always easily available in the workstation

Unique functionality

HELP6 laboratory can be controlled via TEKLAB TLC software on the teacher’s computers.

Centralized software control converts the laboratory into a theory classroom in just 30 seconds. Besides this, the teacher can for example:

  • Control of the students’ motorised workstations (UP / MIDDLE / DOWN / LOCK)

  • Control of the electricity in the students’ workstations (ON / OFF)

  • Limit the output voltage and current on power supplies

  • Supervise and lock students’ computers



Students can control the instruments via TEKLAB Client software. In addition, datalogging features are available for saving measurement results.

HELP6 laboratory in theory teaching mode. All equipment is safely stored inside the workstations

Why laboratory based on HELP6 workstations?

  • 2 in 1 concept: labboratory work and theory lessons in one room

  • All instruments and training equipment available by a press of a button

  • Suitable for different types of laboratories:
  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Automation etc.

HELP6 laboratory in practice mode. All equipment is practically available.
HELP6 laboratory; storage space visible


Unique TEKLAB Mobile Laboratory Control (TMLC) gives teacher a possibility to control a laboratory remotely using a mobile device such as a tablet or a smart phone.

With TMLC the teacher can:

  • Open the laboratory by driving the HELP6 benches up and enabling electricity

  • Close the laboratory by switching power off and driving the HELP6 benches down

  • Apply voltage and current limitations to power supplies (requires ACP/TLP Client options)

TMLC includes:

  • TMLC software
  • Tablet device