Teklab educational solutions

Teklab educational solutions

Teklab provides versatile and multipurpose learning laboratories for educational institutes. Our experience from industry enables realistic training laboratories for the students.

Teklab´s solutions in education are used by:

-Vocational schools
-Technical colleges
-Polytechnic universities
-Industrial training centres
-Secondary schools

Teklab -services

We offer our customers:

-Layout design services
-Workstations´ visualize and technical spesifications report
-Workstations´ installation and user training
-Workstation annual safety testing
-Calibration service and spare parts


Teklab has over 35 years of experience in helping customers to find perfect solutions for their workstation configuration. We visualize the offered service always with the specific drawings and technical information. We also provide 3D pictures of the furnishable space so that the result can be visualized clearly…

Unique multiuse laboratory concept

The modern TEKLAB learning environment enables learning of theory and practice in the same room.


With our design service, we want to offer our customers an easy way to plan their new electric laboratory or workshop.

We visualize the offered benches always with the specific drawings and technical information using the unique TWC (TEKLAB Workstation Configurator) software. The TWC report is an excellent document to be included for example into a project plan.

TEKLAB Workstation Configurator software

Workbench solutions

Unless You find a suitable alternative in examples below, please contact us to plan the most suitable work station solution just for You.

HELP3 Electrical installation technology workstation
HELP3 network workstation
EPHELP physics workstation
HELP6L20 Electronics and ICT workstation
HELP6L20 motorized multifunction workstation
HELP6L20 motorized multifunction workstation
STEM workstation
BASIC20 equipment panel for customer’s table
Multiuse STEM engineering
TEKLABNet workstation
Soldering training workstation
Calibration workstation
Teachers demonstration and measurement trolley for electrical and automation
Teachers demonstration and measurement trolley for communication technology
Measurement device calibration trolley with calibration and database software
Service trolley
3 phase trolley

Layout examples

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