Integrated workstations are the backbone of a TEKLAB solution. Modular workstations can be equipped with instruments and accessories based on customer needs

Teklab Laboratories and Workshops

TEKLAB focuses on manufacturing professional electric test bench solutions for industrial and educational customers. Leader in this field, and with the experience of over 1000 delivered electric laboratories and workshops worldwide, TEKLAB offers the most versatile workbench systems for R&D, testing, maintenance and training purposes

Finnish expertise

TEKLAB has over 40 years of experience in helping customers to find perfect solutions for their workstation configuration. When designing your electric laboratory or workshop, please contact us and we’ll provide you our full support through-out the project.

TEKLAB products are Finnish quality work. Our factory is located in Loviisa, Finland

Contact us when you need a responsible partner for your projects.

Teklab educational solutions

Teklab provides versatile and multipurpose learning laboratories for educational institutes. Our experience from industry enables realistic training laboratories for the students.

Teklab´s solutions in education are used by:

-Vocational schools
-Technical colleges
-Polytechnic universities
-Industrial training centres
-Secondary schools

Teklab Industry Solutions

Teklab´s workstations and workshops are modern, ergonomic and safetyrules demanding working enviroment. Teklab has hundreds of different workstation solutions and thousands of users worldwide.

Teklab solutions are used for example in following areas:

-Electrical industry
-Electronics industry
-Process industry
-Food and beverage

Teklab Hospital Solutions

Teklab offers versatile electrical workstation solutions for hospital medical and electrical engineering facilities. Modular, safe electrical workstations and trolleys can be equipped with the necessary equipment and insulation level control. Contact us well in advance of the project planning phase and we will look for the perfect possible solution. We make layouts and workstation plans for our customers.

We offer our customers:

-Medical and electrical engineering layout design services
-Workstations´ visualize and technical specifications report
-Workstations´ installation and user training
-Workstation annual safety testing
-Calibration service and spare parts

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